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       Please Support the Child Victims Act            (A1771, Margaret Markey)

      To: Honorable Andrew Cuomo, Governor,         New York State

cc:  Hon. Dean G. Skelos, Temporary President and Majority Coalition Leader of the
       NYS Senate
       Hon. Jeffrey D. Klein, Temporary President and IDC Coalition Leader of the

       NYS Senate
       Hon.  Sheldon Silver, Speaker, NYS Assembly

       Hon. Andrea Stewart-Cousins, Democratic Conference Leader, NYS Senate

       Hon. Michael F. Nozzolio, Chairman, Codes Committee, NYS Senate

       Hon. Margaret Markey, Member, NYS Assembly


According to FBI studies, a startling 1 in 5 of ALL children are sexually abused before age 18! Sadly, many predators are lifelong abusers, with as many as 100 victims. Yet, only 10% of this abuse is ever reported to authorities. Victims are often silenced for years even decades by intimidation or serious post traumatic stress disorders.

That means there are thousands of unknown sex abusers of children living and working silently and harmfully among us all across New York state -- in schools, churches, synagogues, youth groups, and especially in families.

This silent epidemic is heightened by those who have criminally covered up for abusers and are themselves shielded by the state's statute. Special grand juries in Suffolk and Westchester have uncovered orchestrated criminal actions by institutions using deception and intimidation to delay victims from legal recourse until the statute of limitations expired.

There is One Proven Way to Discover Abusers
and those Who Cover up.

"...the NYS legislature should enact a statute similar to the state of California that revives civil actions for damages for a period of one year...." – Suffolk County Special Grand Jury.

When California enacted its law, the state discovered more than 300 undetected predators. Delaware, a much smaller state, has discovered more than 60. Given that predators have multiple victims, thousands of children have now been protected in just these two pioneering states. And states neighboring New York have significantly stronger laws.

Please Protect our Children. Don't Shield their Abusers

The Child Victims Act of New York will:

  • Eliminate both criminal and civil statutes of limitation for child sexual abuse, preventing predators and their protectors from escaping responsibility for their crimes by waiting out the clock.             

  • Provide a one-time, one-year window in the statute of limitations that would enable victims whose claim was time-barred by the current arbitrary limitations to revive their claim. This would offer an opportunity for justice to those who were unfairly or criminally denied their day in court.                                              

  • Save our state extensive financial as well as social costs. Studies show child sexual abuse costs NYS taxpayers over $1 billion every year.

Governor Cuomo, the Children of New York Need You.   Support the NY Child Victims Act.


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NY Child Victims Act

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